Evolution Happens will tailor our training content and delivery to meet the needs of your business.  We can provide high quality training programs in:

  • Staff attraction & Recruitment;
  • Staff Induction & Orientation;
  • Management & Leadership Development;
  • Sales Excellence;
  • Customer Service Excellence;
  • Teamwork;

All tailored training programs are developed by our qualified trainers and are facilitated in an interactive and knowledge sharing environment where participation is a part of the learning framework.

Available Workshops


  1. The Top 5 Strategies of High Performing Organisations

    Managing in times of uncertainty has placed strain on internal resources, planning and relationships. Whilst some things change, some remain the same and that’s people! This workshop will assist you to implement strategies for you to become a High Performing Organisation.
  2. Managing in Uncertain Times
    This is a seminar which focuses business owners and managers on what they need to do to stay focused when operating in a volatile market and how to grow and thrive in tough times. The seminar also works through the application of some useful business checklists.  
  3. Hire, Manage and Letting People Go
    A simple seminar that gives tips on each of these three areas for business owners and managers.The seminar also provides some statistics on why people leave their jobs.
  4. Gen Y's At Work
    This seminar looks at recent research into the factors that attract Gen Y's to a job, what motivates them and ways to keep them in engaged. The seminar relates information back to business strategy for retaining staff in the future.
  5. The Cost of Poor Recruiting
    This seminar discusses just how costly it can be when an organisation is not recruiting properly and that recruiting is more than just a sales exercise. The seminar also provides some statistics and examples of good recruiting practices.
  6. The importance of measuring staff
    This seminar talks about why businesses often do not measure performance or satisfaction and discusses some of the pitfalls associated with this.  The seminar also shows how measuring employee contribution can reduce headaches, bring issues to the table and identify if people are running on a treadmill or contributing to business growth.\
  7. The link between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and performance
    This seminar dispels any myths or confusion about what Emotional Intelligence is and how many organisations are using this information to improve performance. the seminar also provides supporting statistics and case studies.
  8. Custom Workshops
    Evolution Happens will be happy to design a seminar just for you or your team.


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