What is a STAR workplace?

A STAR workplace is a business that has utilised the STAR workplace program to support its commitment towards creating an engaged and creative workforce.

What does the STAR workplace program do?

As a business improvement and benchmarking tool, the STAR workplace program enables you, the business owner, to assess and measure your organisation in four parts:

  1. STRATEGY implementation by the team
  2. TEAM satisfaction within the workplace
  3. ACTIONS and processes to retain employees
  4. RESULTS of employee performance are achieved

About the STAR workplace program

The STAR workplace program identifies key management controls that impact on how your business strategy and improvements are implemented internally.  These management controls are:

  1. Analysis
  2. Planning
  3. Partnerships
  4. Systems and Linkages
  5. Individual Contribution

All businesses are not the same.  They operate in different markets, with different dynamics that are often unique to their particular industry and region.  The underlying methodology of the STAR workplace program is based on academic and industry research developed by the HR Coach Research Institute.  The research differentiates why some businesses establish and sustain satisfied and engaged employees that help deliver strategy and results when other organisations do not.


How does my Business become a STAR workplace?

Any business regardless of size, can become a STAR workplace.  To find out how your business can become a STAR workplace, contact us.  

Our business transition coaches and accredited STAR workplace facilitators will review the results with you and help prioritise actions and review options that can be delivered over the next six to twelve months.  You have worked hard to build your business.  

It's now time to be recognised as a STAR workplace.


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