Everything DiSC uses a research-validated online assessment to create a personalized profile. These profiles give participants insight their own behaviour and help them understand others. Application-specific tips, strategies and action plans give them the tools to become more effective.


Everything DiSC Workplace Profile – can be used with anyone in an organisation regardless of title or role in order to help build more effective relationships, one relationship at a time and improve the quality of the workplace.


Everything DiSC Management Profile – Managers learn how to bring out the best in each employee. They learn how to read employee styles and adapt their own styles to manage more effectively in the areas of delegating and directing, motivating, developing others and working their own manager.


Everything DiSC Sales Profile – Salespeople learn how to connect better with their customers by understanding their DiSC sales style, understanding their customers' buying styles, and adapting their sales style so they can build stronger customer relationships and close more sales.


Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – Improves self-awareness in key areas that helps participants gain better outcomes as leaders. Work of Leaders provides a simple, three-step process in creating a vision, building alignment around that vision and championing execution of the vision.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills which define how effectively an individual perceives, understands and manages their own feelings, emotions and mood states, and those of others.

"A set of skills which define how effectively an individual perceives, understands and manages their own feelings"


Evolution Happens uses the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence enhancement which improves organisational performance by transforming the lives of people in the workplace.

This process involves a set of seven skills that define how effectively people perceive, express, reason with and manage emotions with themselves and others. Our workplace specific assessments measure how often a person demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours aligned to these seven skills.

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