HR Staff Manager System

What is the HR Staff Management System?

The Staff Management System enables Small to Medium business to manage, control and schedule the processes and activities that effectively engage employees and drive performance and profitability.

The Benefits to you are:

Staff Management - Made Easy

  • Designed for small to medium business
  • Built in templates, policies and HR processes
  • Easily customisable for your business

Document Management and Control

  • HR documentation and templates
  • Modern awards, national employment standards and employment agreements
  • Easy record keeping and file management

Tracking Reviews, Training and Development

  • Complete scheduling and tracking of probationary, performance and salary reviews
  • Easily plan and record staff development activities  
  • Automatic reminders and calendar scheduling


  • Step by step guidance for key HR processes
  • Never miss critical information
  • Save time and minimise your risk

Managed Cloud Solution

HR Staff Manager is hosted in a state of the art Sydney based Data Centre providing the ultimate in performance and reliability.  

Utilising best of breed processing components with Hardware Redundancy built in at every level, internet connectivity through multiple providers, 12 hour SAN replication and nightly backups stored in a geographically separate region, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the availability of HR Staff Manager when you want it and at speeds you will enjoy.

HR Staff Manager is secured by 2048-bit SSL encryption provided by the same leading Global Certification Authority such as the US Government departments, N.A.S.A, IBM, PayPal and others.

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