Coaching is one of the most effective learning processes for both individuals and teams and applies key principles of learning such as:

  • Activities based learning;
  • Translation of theories in practical applications;
  • Facilitated conversations to engage and reflect;
  • Creating a non threatening and productive environment.

The HR Coach Programs have been carefully designed using these techniques for:

  • Coaching for HR;
  • Coaching for Individuals;
  • Coaching for Business.

HR Administrators Coaching Program   

Establishing the right HR processes for the business is critical in being able to keep on top of attracting and keeping employees.  

This program coaches the HR Administrators in developing good HR practice that is relevant to the way you do business.  Armed with the latest HR methods and systems, the HR Coach will guide, educate and provide resources to  assist your HR Administrators in this process.

Annual HR IR Service     

Keeping abreast of changes in legislation and ensuring you have maintained the right level of training for your people is difficult to keep track of.  

The HR Industrial Relations (IR) Service ensures you are up to date and you have covered your obligations in maintaining a work environment that people enjoy being a part of.  

Strategic HR Coaching   

Improve your governance, and forward planning into effective resource and people management. This is a strategic advisory program carried out quarterly, where your HR plans, strategies and issue resolutions are discussed and driven to meet the needs of the business.

Coaching For Individuals - Facilitated Performance Coaching Program      

Performance reviews are often ineffective.  Why?  Employees often fear being judged and managers don’t want to appear to be judgemental.  

This coaching program focuses on  building on the strengths of employees and facilitating open and honest discussions around performance.

It ensures that expectations for both the employee and the manager are clearly articulated and focused on personal development and achievement.

New Horizons Program   

Identifying what your future pathways are is a difficult thing to do own your own.  Often, those around us only see you from who you have been and what you have done.

This program helps you to identify your strengths and future pathways and align yourself to those exciting opportunities.  

Management Coaching Program              

This is a fully integrated performance coaching program based on Australian research and a patented method of measuring organisational capability.


The key objective is linking Strategy to individual Action.  Successfully used within Australian corporate and professional organisations, the program has a strategic impact on the organisation which can be measured and used on an ongoing basis.

Coaching Coaches Clinics      

Building strength in people management strategies includes two key factors – people and process.  This is a program which builds improvement in what is done (process) and how it is done (people). The foundational Staff Survey includes employees in building a  better business and fosters ownership of changes within the business.  

An ultimate WIN - WIN outcome!

Hot Spot Coaching          

This is a program designed to help managers and supervisors work better together.  

If you have a specific issue, lets talk about it and get the team to focus on what needs to be done.

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